Rockies Impact Fund’s Team Has History

Peter Adams and Dave Harris have worked closely together since 2014 through the Rockies Venture Club, the Rockies Venture Institute, Biz Girls, Inc., Rockies Venture Adviser, LLC, Rockies Venture Management, LLC, and the Rockies Venture Fund I.  They have managed over seventy-five investments in fifty companies over this period.

In addition, the Fund’s partners will include Josie Hosmer, Barbara Bauer, Denny Otsuga, and Kevin Morningstar.  These partners have worked together for many years and have the experience of having evaluated deals together as a team, using the Fund’s strategy, from initial screening through full due diligence and term negotiations.

Finally, the Fund draws upon the experience of over two hundred investors through a special relationship with the Rockies Venture Club who bring sector expertise and perspective for the wide variety of impact investments that the Fund has chosen to address.


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